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Stephen Aslett

The Tulane Law Review now has a temporary blog up at http://tulanelawreview.blogspot.com. All TLR members are encouraged to go to the website and provide contact information.

Joel Friedman

My family and I are safe in a suburb of Pittsburgh living with my sister. We have enrolled all three kids in the local public school. Everything I hear and see suggests that the uptown area where we live is dry but littered with fallen trees. Apparently not much looting, not yet anyway. Joel Friedman

Len Bogorad

Does anyone know what the blog address is for Tulane undergrads? I have seen reference to it in various articles, but can't find it.

My son is a sophomore and really doesn't want to "waste" his college time commuting from home to the University of Maryland when he loves Tulane so much. So he is aiming to find an interesting job in the DC area and go back to Tulane next semester. But we don't want to be told that we have lost the Fall tuition that we have already paid. Anyone know how that will be handled?

Thanks, Len

Michael Pietrzak

Are there students housed in IL that need to continue studies??????

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Erika Krehbiel

September 2, 2005 (773) 442-4226


Northeastern Illinois University Responds to Hurricane Relief Effort

CHICAGO -- Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) will provide assistance to those students who are not able to continue with their higher education plans because of the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Specifically, for students who are now not able to attend classes because of the damage in the Southern United States, Northeastern Illinois University will:

* Fast track University admission and registration
* Provide special counseling to find the academic courses that meet the educational needs of the students
* In cases where needed course sections are closed due to enrollment limits, work with professors to see if accommodations can be made to admit these students in the closed section
* Provide targeted student support services to assist students with any other needs (e.g., locating housing)
* For students that are residents of the state of Illinois, waive fall tuition and mandatory fees (with proof of Fall 2005 enrollment at a higher education institution in the affected area)
* For students that are not residents of the state of Illinois, waive the out-of-state tuition charge so that these students pay the in-state tuition charge (with proof of Fall 2005 enrollment at a higher education institution in the affected area) and provide flexible payment plans to meet the needs of these students

Students should contact Northeastern Illinois University Office of Enrollment Services as soon as possible by calling (773) 442-4022. NEIU will continue to admit displaced students, based on available space, for the fall semester under these provisions until September 10, 2005.


Tania Tetlow

Pam, I'm safe in Gramercy, La, halfway between BR and NO. I'm waiting to see if there's anyway I can help city government from here. I'm glad to hear you are OK. The DV clinic lawyers are all accounted for. Have you heard from Lisa and Denise? Gabe Feldman is in New York.


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