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David Gelfand

My family and I are in Atlanta. We are staying with the family of a college classmate of mine who is a high level medical fficial of the CDC. He has been mobilized to go to New Orleans to help coordinate medical matters there.
Best to everyone. Stay safe.


Alan Childress

Alan Childress is in DC suburbs (of VA) and his kids are fine in Houston. Ray Diamond and lots of N.O. family are safe with him in B.R. Michael Collins is in Charlottesville, VA.

Olivia Martin

If anyone is in Montgomery, please call me at the Attorney General's office 334 242 7393 and I will be happy to help do anything. Olivia Martin '82

Jonathan Nash

It is not hearsay. Felice Batlan is safe in New York.

Amy Cohen

Does anyone know how Keith Werhan is doing? His friends and former colleagues from western Massachusetts are concerned and wondering how to contact him. If anyone has information, please e-mail me at acohen@law.wnec.edu

Amy Cohen

Kavita Gupta

Does anyone know about Jancy Hoeffel and her family?

Glynn Lunney

My boys and I are safe in Houston. If anyone needs to reach me, I can be reached at (281) 486-5444. Take care and be safe.

Joan Meier

Does anyone know the whereabouts and wellbeing of Bernadette D'Souza?? I've been worrying about her and her family.
Joan Meier, George Wash U LS

meaghan sullivan

I heard that Oliver Houck and his wife Lisa decided to stay in the city. Has anyone heard from them?

Keith Rowley

I'm looking for news of David Snyder. Does anyone know how and where David is faring?

Joel Friedman

My family and I are safely ensconced in my sister's home in Fox Chapel, a suburb of Pittsburgh. The kids have enrolled in the local public school. I hear that uptown where we live is dry and no apparent looting, but lots of fallen trees. Hope one did not hit our home. Joel Friedman

Vickie Fernandes

Kavita and I still haven't heard about Jancy Hoeffel and her family?

And I'm also wondering about Sheila Myers? Pam, do you know if Sheila got out okay??

Thanks for this blog, it has been incredibly helpful.

Tammy Mitchell

RE: David Snyder - This was posted at the Tulane temporary site.


I am David Snyder's sister. He and his family are fine and are currently in Massachusetts with his wife's family. He does not have good access to the internet, but I will be sure to tell him about your posting. I'm sure he appreciates your concern.

If anyone has questions about David, please feel free to contact me at csnyder@jhsph.edu.

With best wishes to all of the Tulane community.

Claire Snyder

Kathy Harrison

Prof. Houck & Lisa are in D.C. safe.

Bernadette D'Souza

Bernadette D'Souza and family are safe in Virginia.

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